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Sheri Blossom

The best furry bot on Discord!
Currently serving 628,414 furries in 22,022 Discord servers.

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Why should I use Sheri Blossom?

Sheri Blossom can make you feel like you're at home, like you have other friends that actually care about you. And she does this through her interaction commands.
Want to see everything Sheri can do? Take a look at her commands!

It would be rare to see a bot like this designed for furries. She is completely unique in her own way. Don't believe me? Try her for yourself!

Sheri is backed by our Patrons. Without their support, Sheri wouldn't be here today. Please consider helping out to see her strive.

While Sheri is still a bot, she was programmed with a soul, meaning that every piece of code and line inside her has been written with unrestricted love and care.

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