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Sheri Blossom

The best furry bot on Discord!

Currently serving furries in Discord servers for over 4 years

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Why should I use Sheri Blossom?

Sheri Blossom isn't just another furry bot. She's been carefully crafted to make you feel at home, to make you feel welcome and cared for. She has a plethora of interactive commands, from quirky comebacks and image posts to playing your favorite music to being a one-man army against spam and raiders. Want to see everything Sheri can do? Take a look at her commands!


Sheri is a rare bot indeed, custom designed by and for furries. She is completely unique in her own way. Want to see how? Try her for yourself!


Sheri is supported by our wonderful Patrons. Without their support, Sheri wouldn't be here today. If you want to see Sheri grow and thrive, consider becoming a Patreon.


Sheri might be a bot, but she's was programmed with a soul! Every line of code was written with love and care.

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