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Sheri Blossom

The best furry bot on Discord!

Currently serving 874,226 furries in 15,058 Discord servers for over 6 years, 11 months

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Why should I use Sheri Blossom?

Sheri Blossom isn't just another furry bot. She's been carefully crafted to make you feel at home, to make you feel welcome and cared for. She has a plethora of interactive commands, from quirky comebacks and image posts to playing your favorite music to being a one-man army against spam and raiders. Want to see everything Sheri can do? Take a look at her commands!


Sheri is a rare bot indeed, custom designed by and for furries. She is completely unique in her own way. Want to see how? Try her for yourself!


Sheri is supported by our wonderful Patrons. Without their support, Sheri wouldn't be here today. If you want to see Sheri grow and thrive, consider becoming a Patreon.


Sheri might be a bot, but she's was programmed with a soul! Every line of code was written with love and care.

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What people are saying

lerod88 Ever since I have been using discord and learning its features I stumbled across this bot that a friend of mine brought into my server I have loved it I'm not sure what version it was when I started using it but loved the high quality music feature that the bot has. As with almost all discord bots there have always been issues here and there but it comes back strong! Sheri will always be my favorite discord bot forever and will be here to stay. avalonava I stumbled across Sheri not too long ago once I had started to really get into using Discord. The utility and commands are awesome, from the tame to the lewd. Sheri's gonna be here for a long time, and is only gonna get bigger as time goes on. asoupcat8688 This bot is by far better than any other bot’s out there! You can do so much with this bot that you can’t with other bots. Sheri is by far my favorite bot out of them all. I can do so much with my friends and such on different servers! I can hug, snuggle, and so much other useful stuff that no other bot does. AND to top it all off, it's a furry bot for goodness sakes so it's already awesome! oldaccountlexo Sheri is the most used bot in our server. We used it for mostly everything. Level Ranks, Polls, welcomes, registration, and most of all the music feature. If you don't have Sheri in your discord yet, than what are you doing? Get it now! :3 lumi_pawkins When I first saw Sheri, I saw was what I thought was just another furry bot. After getting to know the commands a bit, I figured I'd join the support server for help with some of the commands I was less familiar with. It quickly became apparent that there was a dedicated team pouring their heart and soul into Sheri and helping her grow into what I can say is now my favorite furry bot on Discord. Sheri has had an enormous impact on my experience across Discord, and I'm honored to be part of such an amazing community. scarfychansukahuichiyan7564 Sheri Blossom is one of the best, if not, the best furry-related Discord bot. She has tons of fun commands to play with and enjoy. From cute pics of animals to friendly interactions to funny memes, Sheri will definitely brighten up your day with her awesome commands. She is still growing on and on with more updates, which means more fun. Sheri is perhaps the greatest, friendliest, and amazing bot on the entire platform of Discord.
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