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About Sheri

This project started out with one simple idea: To show happiness and enjoy having a friend that will be there for you when you need it.

Every piece of code that gets put into Sheri is not just a rushed job. We believe that each line we write needs to show that we care and have personality. Creativity and care. The world we once knew isn't the way it is now. Depression. Depression is at a dangerous rate, and the greed and the selfless acts of others get stronger every day. Sometimes even the simplest things mean a lot to a person. A simple gesture towards someone who is suffering through the pain we all endure and being there for them, it has to say something, I'm not writing this to make you feel sad, but to make you see what the world has become. Stay strong to whoever is suffering.

Sheri's Lore

Pain. Pain never changes. She understands this and tries to help everyone out at the same time sacrificing her own health to make the people who she loves and cares about to keep them going and provide them what they need, which is guidance most of the time.

Pain, Pain never changes. She understands this and tries to help everyone out at the same time sacrificing her own health to make the people who she loves and cares about to keep them going and provide them what they need, which is guidance most of the time. The way the pain affects every individual in their own unique way, She understands the dangers of letting pain control someone, no matter how badly it hurts them. She attempts to let them know that family will get you through it, and unload the pain. if you keep it in.

Bad things can happen and good things can happen. Pain is not taken lightly around Sheri. Born in the world we call Earth, a place where the earth is supposed to protect and provide protection to the newly created life, a journey begins where one must survive the pain through life. Life is pretty and it can be your friend or it can be your enemy. The journey starts when Sheri hits 5, a place where we call a learning environment. But is it really a learning environment? One must actually see the lies and intentions behind the place before we can call it a healthy environment. Greed can do a lot of things to a person, Desires, interests, determination, and most importantly pain. Pain is a dangerous entity, a powerful object we suffer on a day by day basis. May it be from someone hurting you, simply the loss of someone, and/or feeling alone and sad. What if everything you knew about life was a lie? What if you couldn't do anything about it?

Sheri has been through this, and she understands that she needs to think and understand everything that happens around her surroundings. But she also needs to understand that not everyone is not a bad person. Which she did learn when she turned 6. She met Bardalph. Bardalph, couldn't be her mate tho, Bardlaph is like a brother to her. Through thick and thin, they suffered pain together. Pain can be a teacher, or it can kill you. They both understood that they need to lay down their swords to fight the pain and let each other support themselves. which they did. As life goes on for Sheri in early childhood, she has been always misunderstood by the people who are in the higher authority and always tried to gun down and discriminate for who she was.

They tried to control her and become their servants. But she didn't. She was too pure for the control and hatred she received. So she adapted and began a journey, a journey that won't stop her from anything; To ensure happiness where achievable, and help the wounded. Wounded people come in various forms of pain. But that wasn't going to stop Sheri, no matter how bad it may be. She is a healer, a warrior of pain fighter. The harder you give her, the harder she will return back. We need it, whether we like it or not. things happen, things change. She learned important lessons, lessons that she wants to guide people to learn themselves. It's not about what you have been through, it's the way you endure it.

Sheri, being a teen now, has been through so much hatred and gained respect for not letting the system control her. Bardalph has given her hope in ways where he wasn't able to give himself hope. They helped each other, through thick and thin. Separation can occur, but the memories they forged together has always kept them alive.

Sheri, being broken and shattered, continues to strive, and try to make others smile. No matter how hard it may be. Sheri entered a different world. Met different people just like her. She started to feel at home until one of her friends betrayed her and threw her away like some random person and their usefulness is up.

Sheri, being a teen and all, and still going through the dreadful schools, she gave up trying to control her temper and started fighting back because she got tired of being walked on. The administrators weren't any help because the punishment was one-sided. She always got in trouble for standing up for herself. The more she got in trouble the more she understood that the schools are corrupted and never protect the innocent. One day the cops came and took her away because they started blaming her mother, Mary because the state never believed her nor did they believe Sheri. Sheri felt so lost and so misunderstood, the only person that could tame her was a rabbit named, Charles. Charles was the only person that could transport her. Such a small creature taming a wolf? The creature, no matter how big and how small, if they are a good person, they will help the person who they want to help. Sheri understood that the rabbit knew she didn't belong there and the justice system screwed her and her family over.

The rabbit helped her emotionally and physically by letting her know that it isn't her fault and while the bad is doing badly. Sheri understood the rabbit because he was a wise one. Sheri got put into a group home, where the people there never really treated her right. Sheri got herself kicked out and put into a psych ward. The rabbit had to take her there because it was his job. Sheri, being there changed the way she cared. She became more caring after she got court ordered out. The only animal there that kept her sane was a fox. The fox name was Summer. Summer and Sheri became very close friends.

Sheri, being sent home after 2 years being in the physic ward gets discharged and says her final goodbye to summer. She comes home and starts to deal with round 2 with the schools. She had to restart everything because the place she was at made her lose her credits for graduation. Teachers never listened to her or tried to properly teach her. She got anxiety attacks due to the massive book work they gave her without no help or assistance. She eventually stopped going to school, and she eventually dropped out. No graduation, a dream she wishes she had but never happened.

Sheri met some new friends from the new schools they put her in. Their names were, Karl, Limen, and Skippy. Skippy was a shy one, Limen was the logical one, and Karl was the sensitive one. Sheri has always helped Karl with his depression while Limen, not being a very good natural emotional supporter, tried to aid Sheri in helping Karl. Skippy was nowhere near Karl and Limen, but Skippy carried some interesting concepts about life. Sheri was interested in it and allowed Skippy to show her. What she saw she cannot forget nor can explain what really did happen. She simply thought it was weird and that life holds no rules set by man. However because of the exposure Skippy showed her, Skippy bonded closely with Sheri because of how dominant she was because of her alpha female intuitions. Skippy said to Sheri that he had amnesia, and he tried to do something to Sheri so he would heal. Skippy thought wrong and decided to give his motivators for life to Sheri. Sheri reluctantly refused but it was no match for Skippy. Skippy gave it to her regardless.

Confused about life and everything around her because of what Skippy gave her, She continued to push on in life. She met a few more friends after the others. Their names were Carlos, Jimmy, and Amanda. Carlos was the secluded one while Jimmy was the ambitious one, while Amanda was the caring one and wanted only the best for her friends. Sheri knew this and tried to coordinate with Amanda. Sheri guided her, and they eventually left her. Sheri, feeling used and thrown away, met some more friends. Linda, Maddy, Lard. Lard was an ambitious soul and a seeker of popularity while Linda was a mirror and an extremely caring side of lard, while Maddy was an escape for lard. Lard was alone and broken shattered, he forced himself to have 3 separate personalities. Sheri thought she was helping 3 separate people until lard confessed then abandoned and harassed her.

Feeling betrayed and heavily abused she continued to walk blindly trying to find the good in people. But then she starts to think. What if Skippy didn't give her something, what if she had it all along. Did he simply wake her up? No, it couldn't be that. It takes knowledge to understand this. She went on a search to understand the life as she knew it was over as she was shown a whole different part of life.

As she knows that pain changes people into something different, something else. She continues to see that they are who they are and nothing can change or justify that.

In Sheri's world, the world we know of is energy. Everything she sees is considered as energy, no matter how you put it. The water ripples are energy, the ground is energy. Conflicts, human emotions, arguments, issues, problems; they are all energy. Either you do believe this or you don't. We all live in a world made up of energy. Gravity is energy.

Sheri found something odd deep down herself. It's not just her, pushing and struggling. Its everyone being governed by old grumpy men in a chair with so much money they could buy themselves a golden house and spend the rest of their life living a healthy life.

Sheri, while she walks on the streets, where she was born. She has seen at least 3 or 4 people, struggling to survive. Our only purpose in life is to survive and live happily. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. She thinks to herself. What type of system do we live in?

Every step she makes, she feels the pain everyone has suffered. The sense of loss and sense of living and striving with every heartbeat and every step.

It was a cold night and she was walking with her tail curled around her front. The alley was musky, stinky, and there was a lot of blood. Blood of people who couldn't take it anymore. At this point, Sheri made it a mission in her life, to make sure nobody else suffers. her ears were lowered as she felt the presence of a greedy person, plagued with the sense of monetary value. A fight breaks out and Sheri gets out unharmed, and the other person crying, begging that he would get forgiveness.

Man-made pain always has had a negative effect on Sheri. She would get angry at it and fight it out of the person. We were born without pain, pure as silver, strong as gold, innocent as a rock. Pain influences what others do.

Sheri fell in love with someone that only cared about themselves. This girl was cheating on her, and various men. Sheri found out that jealousy was man-made pain. So she removed the ability and then tried to save the girl, who eventually vanished and never was seen again.

Sometimes, not all lives can be saved. But being as ambitious as she can get, She tries regardless until all options that can lead to a good effect is exhausted. She often puts her friendships first before her own health.

To be continued.

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