Command Documentation

Getting Started

If you are not new to Discord bots and/or using any Discord bots, you may skip this section.

If you have not already, add Sheri blossom to your server by using this link. The base command prefix is fur. All commands have to start with the command prefix for Sheri to recognize the commands. For an example: furhelpfur is the prefix and help is the command. Most of the commands Sheri has requires a few Discord permissions to properly work, Without these permissions, You will run into issues. We usually recommend giving Sheri the administrator permission that way you won't run into any permission issues.

The following permissions REQUIRED for any bot to work on any Discord server is READ MESSAGES, SEND MESSAGES, and EMBED MESSAGES. If wish to utulize moderation features or other server management features to make your admin life on your server easier, then you need to grant the proper administrative permissions. In order to perform these administrative actions, the bot's role has to be above that of the user to manage the user. Discord does it this way to prevent administrative abuse from members.

Social Commands

Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved.

Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved.


This is a description

Command Aliases Usage
hug huggles, huggies, huddles, hugs, huggle furhug @user
Latch onto a friend and wrap them in floof!
kiss kisses, kissies furkiss @user
cuddle snuggle, snuggles, cuddles furcuddle @user
hold N/A furhold @user
lick N/A furlick @user
boop N/A furboop @user


This is a description

Command Aliases Usage
nhug nhuggles, nhuggies, nhuddles, nhugs, nhuggle furnhug @user
Latch onto a friend and have some fun!
nkiss nkisses, nkissies furnkiss @user
ncuddle nsnuggle, nsnuggles, ncuddles furncuddle @user
furnhold N/A furnhold @user
furnlick N/A furnlick @user
furbang N/A furbang @user
suck N/A fursuck @user
finger N/A furfinger @user
bulge N/A furbulge @user

Image Commands

Want something pretty to look at? You can get various images through Sheri.

Sheri uses REST API and her own REST API to bring you the best possible experience you can get within the internet as the way it is today. We actively collect images and update our API on a daily basis to provide you with the best content the community/fandom has to offer. With that being said, we take absolutely no credit for any artwork that is displayed via Sheri. If you see one of your art pieces on Sheri and wish for it to be removed from the API, you have the option to have us remove it by contacting our support staff located within our Discord server. Please note that you need to provide the CDN link to the image so we know which file to remove (For example:, acquired by copying the link from any image Sheri sends.


Commands listed here are safe for work(SFW)

Command Aliases Usage
mur N/A furmur
nature N/A furnature
fox N/A furfox
wolves N/A furwuf
pig N/A furpig


Commands listed here are not safe for work(NSFW) and requires the channel to have nsfw toggled.

Command Aliases Usage
yiff N/A furyiff
yiff lick N/A furyiff lick
yiff bang N/A furyiff bang
yiff hug N/A furyiff hug
yiff cuddle N/A furyiff cuddle
yiff kiss N/A furyiff kiss

Utility Commands

These utility commands are designed to be useful. We hope you enjoy them!


Commands that give detailed information are listed here.

Command Aliases Usage
colorinf N/A furcolorinf 00ff00
Color value must be a Hex (
help N/A furhelp
userinfo user furuser @user OR User ID OR user's name
serverinfo server, guild furserver
role info N/A furrole info @role mention OR role name OR role ID

Bulk Actions

Commands listed here does bulk actions. We know how painful it is to manage a guild with over 80K+ members

Command Aliases Usage
massnick mn furmn role Sheri's Playmates
If you have spaces in your role: furmn "Role with spaces" Sheri's Playmates
massnickclear mnc furmnc role
If you have spaces in your role: furmnc "Role with spaces"
massadd all N/A massadd all role
Adds the specified user to EVERYONE.
massadd users N/A furmassadd users role
Adds ALL USERS to the specified role excluding bots.
massadd bots N/A furmassadd bots role
Adds ALL BOTS to the specified role.
massremove all N/A furmassremove all role
Removes the specified role from EVERYONE
massremove users N/A furmassremove users role
Removes ALL USERS from the specified role.
massremove bots N/A furmassremove bots role
Removes ALL BOTS from the specified role.


Commands that has been proved useful

Command Aliases Usage
poll N/A furpoll Is it time for dinner yet?