Command Documentation

Getting Started

If you are not new to Discord bots and/or using any Discord bots, you may skip this section.

If you have not already, add Sheri blossom to your server by using this link. The base command prefix is fur. All commands have to start with the command prefix for Sheri to recognize the commands. For an example: furhelpfur is the prefix and help is the command. Most of the commands Sheri has requires a few Discord permissions to properly work, Without these permissions, You will run into issues. We usually recommend giving Sheri the administrator permission that way you won't run into any permission issues.

The following permissions REQUIRED for any bot to work on any Discord server is READ MESSAGES, SEND MESSAGES, and EMBED MESSAGES. If wish to utulize moderation features or other server management features to make your admin life on your server easier, then you need to grant the proper administrative permissions. In order to perform these administrative actions, the bot's role has to be above that of the user to manage the user. Discord does it this way to prevent administrative abuse from members.

Social Commands

Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved.

Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved.


This is a description

Command Aliases Usage
ship N/A furship [@user] [@user 2]
hug huggles, huggies, huddles, hugs, huggle furhug @user
Latch onto a friend and wrap them in floof!
pat N/A furpat [@user]
kiss kisses, kissies furkiss @user
cuddle snuggle, snuggles, cuddles furcuddle @user
hold N/A furhold @user
pickup N/A furpickup [@user]
kill N/A furkill
lick N/A furlick @user
insult N/A furinsult
nuzzle N/A furnuzzle [@user]
boop N/A furboop @user


This is a description

Command Aliases Usage
nhug nhuggles, nhuggies, nhuddles, nhugs, nhuggle furnhug @user
Latch onto a friend and have some fun!
smash N/A fursmash [@user] [@user2]
nkiss nkisses, nkissies furnkiss @user
ncuddle nsnuggle, nsnuggles, ncuddles furncuddle @user
furnhold N/A furnhold @user
furnlick N/A furnlick @user
npickup N/A furnpickup
cocksize N/A furcocksize [@user]
Detects user's penis length. Enter multiple users for an accurate comparison!
bang fuck furbang [@user]
suck slurp, sucks, suckies fursuck @user
spank spankies furspank [@user]
finger N/A furfinger @user
tease N/A furtease [@user]
seduce N/A furseduce [@user]
bulge N/A furbulge @user


From quick back-and-forth interaction with a friend to stories nothing short of a novel, Sheri can help you organize and share your character for use in roleplay scenarios.

Command Aliases Usage
rp char furrp
Displays the various RP commands and their functions
rp create make furrp create
Initiates the RP character creation process. Sheri will DM a member to collect details about their character. Privacy settings must allow DMs from server members, otherwise error 403 will be returned.
rp view see furrp view [character]
Displays a character's information
rp list N/A furrp list
Lists a members RP characters
rp post N/A furrp post [character]
Posts a character's information to the server's designated RP character info channel. Requires an output channel to be set from the dashboard.


Show your love and who your spouse(s) [yes you can have multiples now!] on your profile when you do furprofile

Command Aliases Usage
marry N/A furmarry [@user or ID#]
Marry your lover
divorce N/A furdivorce [@user | ID#]
Divorce your soul mates.
spouses N/A furspouses
See who you put that ring on OwO

Image Commands

Want something pretty to look at? You can get various images through Sheri.

Sheri uses REST API and her own REST API to bring you the best possible experience you can get within the internet as the way it is today. We actively collect images and update our API on a daily basis to provide you with the best content the community/fandom has to offer. With that being said, we take absolutely no credit for any artwork that is displayed via Sheri. If you see one of your art pieces on Sheri and wish for it to be removed from the API, you have the option to have us remove it by contacting our support staff located within our Discord server. Please note that you need to provide the CDN link to the image so we know which file to remove (For example:, acquired by copying the link from any image Sheri sends.


Commands listed here are safe for work(SFW)

Command Aliases Usage
mur N/A furmur
bunny N/A furbunny
nature N/A furnature
neko N/A furneko [ gif | kitsune | sfw ]
fox N/A furfox
duck N/A furduck
woofbreeds N/A furwoofbreeds
A list of all breeds that you can use with the bot!
birb N/A furbirb
For the birds
panda N/A furpanda
wolves N/A furwuf
snep sneps fursnep
woof N/A furwoof | furwoof [breed]
meow N/A furmeow
koala N/A furkoala
pig N/A furpig
panda red N/A furpanda red
raccoon N/A furraccoon


Commands listed here are not safe for work(NSFW) and requires the channel to have nsfw toggled.

Command Aliases Usage
yiff lewd, yiffy furyiff
yiff lick N/A furyiff lick
traps N/A furtraps
pussy N/A furpussy
npokemon N/A furnpokemon
neko N/A furneko [ nsfw | ngif ]
gif N/A furgif
lesbian N/A furlesbian
snp N/A fursnp
The Smash or Pass
yiff bang N/A furyiff bang
dick N/A furdick
bisexual N/A furbisexual
futas N/A furfutas
ncomic N/A furncomic
gay N/A furgay
yiff hug N/A furyiff hug
femboy femboi furfemboy
dp N/A furdp
(Double Penetration)
yiff tease N/A furyiff tease
yiff cuddle N/A furyiff cuddle
yiff kiss N/A furyiff kiss
yiffmas N/A furyiffmas


These commands are used to private message a random image from Sheri's API to a given user (if they enabled). Note these are NSFW commands.

Command Aliases Usage
nsend N/A furnsend
Gives a list options of what to send to a user
nsend yiff N/A furnsend yiff [@user]
Sends a yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM an image
nsend gay N/A furnsend gay [@user]
Sends a random gay yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM the image.
nsend solo N/A furnsend solo [@user]
Sends a solo yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM the image.
nsend lesbian N/A furnsend lesbian [@user]
Sends a random lesbian yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM the image.
nsend futa N/A furnsend futa [@user]
Sends a random futa yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM the image.
nsend femboy N/A furnsend femboy [@user]
Sends a random femboy yiff by private message to a given user. If no user is specified, you will be DM the image.


These commands are for getting the images from api or the SFW equivalent Any issues with images viewed via these commands need to be taken up with the API providers.

Command Aliases Usage
e621 e6 fure621 [tags]
If you provide a number 2-5 at the end, you can get more than 1 image! This command is NSFW.
e926 e9 fure926 [tags]
If you provide a number 2-5 at the end, you can get more than 1 image!

BB Commands

These commands are used on end and not Sheri.

Command Aliases Usage
bb N/A furbb [<options>]
Options: bb pussy, bb boobs, bb traps, bb 4k, bb red, bb gif, bb lesbian, bb dpgirls, bb penis, bb blowjob

Utility Commands

These utility commands are designed to be useful. We hope you enjoy them!


Commands that give detailed information are listed here.

Command Aliases Usage
credits N/A furcredits
Get all those who helped build Sheri
colorinf N/A furcolorinf 00ff00
Color value must be a Hex (
help N/A furhelp
ping N/A furping
Gets my ping to discord.
ping all shards furping all
Get all the pings for all shards.
report N/A furreport
Send any bugs or concerns you come across to the Devs of Sheri. Remember to always be as detailed as possible so they can better find and solve.
userinfo user furuser @user OR User ID OR user's name
donate N/A furdonate
Donate link of Sheri.
serverinfo server, guild furserver
guildcount servercount furguildcount
Stats of all of sheri statistics of servers, members, etx
system sys fursystem
Get info on the hardware Sheri is running on.
avatar N/A furavatar [@user]
Get yours or someone avatar. User can be none.
invite joinme, join, botinvite furinvite
The invite links.
staff N/A furstaff [@user]
shard N/A furshard
What shard are you in? Find out!

Bulk Actions

Commands listed here does bulk actions. We know how painful it is to manage a guild with over 80K+ members

Command Aliases Usage
massnick mn furmn role Sheri's Playmates
If you have spaces in your role: furmn "Role with spaces" Sheri's Playmates
massnickclear mnc furmnc role
If you have spaces in your role: furmnc "Role with spaces"
massadd all N/A massadd all role
Adds the specified role to EVERYONE.
massadd users N/A furmassadd users role
Adds ALL USERS to the specified role excluding bots.
massadd bots N/A furmassadd bots role
Adds ALL BOTS to the specified role.
massremove all N/A furmassremove all role
Removes the specified role from EVERYONE
massremove users N/A furmassremove users role
Removes ALL USERS from the specified role.
massremove bots N/A furmassremove bots role
Removes ALL BOTS from the specified role.


Commands that has been proved useful

Command Aliases Usage
poll N/A furpoll Is it time for dinner yet?
emote N/A furemote [emoticon]

General Commands

These commands are where you get the fun, economy and other general commands!


These commands are for silly and fun random responses.

Command Aliases Usage
8ball N/A fur8ball
Talk to the 8ball at
binary N/A furbinary
Convert text to binary.
facts N/A furfacts
Gets a random fact from
identitycrisis ic furidentitycrisis
Identifcation CopyPastas
joke N/A furjoke
Have a laugh
nicknameme party furnicknameme
Give you a random nickname
heresthething htt furheresthething
So here's the thing Copypastas
owo N/A furowo
Translates text into owo's from
pun N/A furpun
Puns :D!
randomness rnd furrandomness
Useless Paragraphs
tdance N/A furtdance
Converts text/sentence to dancing emojis
roast N/A furroast
Roasting Copypasta
unbinary N/A furunbinary
Convert binary to text
what N/A furwhat
Have your copypastas
why N/A furwhy
A random question.
wisdom wis furwisdom
Gives inspirational Quotes
hi hai furhi
Hi Copypastas
friend friends furfriend
Gives Friendship Quotes
flip N/A furflip [@user]
Flips names


These commands are for using Sheri's own currency system.

Command Aliases Usage
daily N/A furdaily
Get a daily reward of random keys, box and doubloons every 24 hours. You also get a random image depending on if the channel NSFW or not.
profile N/A furprofile
Info of your current inventory and levels
unbox N/A furunbox
If you a have a furbox and a furkey, you get some doubloons. You'll also receive a random image depending if the channel NSFW or not.
craft N/A furcraft
Gives info how the crafting works for boxes and keys.
craft box N/A furcraft box
Craft a furbox.
craft key N/A furcraft key
Craft a key.



Command Aliases Usage
excuseme N/A furexcuseme [text]
citation N/A furcitation
plan N/A furplan
armor N/A furamor [text]
balloon N/A furballoon [text]
boo N/A furboo [text]
brain N/A furbrain [text]
brazzers N/A furbrazzers [@user]
cry N/A furcry [text]
crab N/A furcrab [text]
changemymind N/A furchangemymind [text]
dab N/A furdab [@user]
fedora N/A furfedora [@user]
humansgood N/A furhumansgood [text]
master N/A furmaster [text]
note N/A furnote [text]
ohno N/A furohno [text]
presentation N/A furpresentation [text]
magik N/A furmagik [@user]
jail N/A furjail [@user]
laid N/A furlaid [@user]
rip N/A furrip [@user]
salty N/A fursalty
savehumanity N/A fursavehumanity [text]
shit N/A furshit [text]
sickban N/A fursickban [text]
slapsroof N/A furslapsroof [text]
stroke N/A furstroke [text]
surprised N/A fursurprisd
thesearch N/A furthesearch [text]
triggered N/A furtriggered [@user]
tweet N/A furtweet [@user] [text]
vr N/A furvr [text]
walking N/A furwalking [text]
wanted N/A furwanted [@user]


Command Aliases Usage
play p furplay [song]
seek N/A furseek [seconds]
skip forceskip furskip
stop N/A furstop
now np, n, playing furnow
pause resume furpause
queue q furqueue [page #]
volume vol furvolume [1 - 1000]
shuffle N/A furshuffle
repeat loop furrepeat
remove N/A furremove [Track #]
find N/A furfind [Song/Search]
disconnect dc furdisconnect


Command Aliases Usage
pinkify N/A furpinkify
halloweenify N/A furhalloweenify
blurplefy N/A furblurplefy


Eyeing your Discord servers.

Below are commands that help moderate, modify and user handlings.

Mod Zone

Command Aliases Usage
warn N/A furwarn [@user] [reason]
Warns a member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
clearwarn N/A furclearwarn [@user]
Removes warn from member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
mute N/A furmute [@user] [reason]
Mutes a member with mute role if set. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
unmute N/A furunmute
Unmute the member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
tempmute N/A furtempmute [@user] [time] [reason]
Temporarily mutes a member then unmutes them if mute role is set. Note: d = day | h = hour | m = minute | s = second when doing time (i.e 30m). [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
kick N/A furkick [@user] [reason]
Kicks member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
tempban N/A furtempban [@user] [time] [reason]
Temporarily bans a member then unbans them. Note: d = day | h = hour | m = minute | s = second when doing time (i.e 30m). [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
ban N/A furban [@user] [reason]
Bans member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
unban N/A furunban [Member ID] [reason]
Unbans member. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]
shitlist N/A furshitlit [@user]
Member records. [Requires Kick Member Permissions]

Role Zone

Command Aliases Usage
selfroles sr furselfroles
Gives you info how to mange the self roles
selfroles add sr add furselfroles add [Role]
Add a role to the self role configuration. Note that role names are case sensitive. [Requires Manage Roles Permission]
selfrole delete sr delete furselfrole delete [Role]
Removes a role to the self role configuration. Note that role names are case sensitive. [Requires Manage Roles Permission]
iam grant furiam [role]
Gives the caller the role specified if on configuration or list
iamnot revoke furiamnot [Role]
Removes the role specified from the caller.

Message Deleting

Command Aliases Usage
eat N/A fureat
Gives you a list of what Sheri can delete for you/
eat all N/A fureat all [number]
Sheri removes all messages
eat bots N/A fureat bots [number]
Deleting on bot messages only
eat user N/A fureat user [@user] [number]
Removes a given user messages.
eat contains N/A fureat contains [text]
Deleting message with that "text" in the message(s)
eat embeds N/A fureat embed [number]
Bye bye embed messages.
eat files N/A fureat files [number]
Bye bye attachment messages
eat emoji N/A fureat emoji [number]
Bye bye messages that have emoji(s) in them.
eat images N/A fureat images [number]
Adios messages that contain images within them
eat reaction N/A fureat reactions [number]
Reactions? Messages? BEGONE!


Sheri offers a streamlined process to get users set up with roles while also letting them tell other members about themselves. This can be used as a "welcome gate" of sorts, offering deterrence against trolls.

Command Aliases Usage
register N/A furregister
Initiates the registration process. Sheri will DM members various questions to which answers are provided. Privacy settings must allow DMs from server members, otherwise error 403 is returned
regroles N/A furregroles
Create the necessary roles for registration.
unregister N/A furunregister
Remove your roles from registration, allowing you to register again

Guild Settings

Setting for the guild.

Command Aliases Usage
prefixes add N/A furprefixes add [prefix]
prefixes remove N/A furprefixes remove [prefix]
prefixes list N/A furprefixes list
lvlset toggle levelset furlvlset toggle "levels"
Whether level notifications should be on/off
lvlset levelmessage levelmsg, lvlmsg furlvlset levelmessage [message]
A custom leveling message. Formats: {member}, {name}, {displayname}, {mention}, {guild}, {level}
nsfw N/A furnsfw
Changes the channel NSFW flag On/Off [Need Manage Channel Permissions]
role edit N/A furrole edit [Role] [Color Hex]
Change the color of a given role. i.e #000000
role info N/A furrole info @role mention OR role name OR role ID

Auto-Roles Configurations

Below are the commands for managing Auto Roles. You need Administrative permissions to use these commands.

Command Aliases Usage
autorole add N/A furautorole add [Role]
autorole remove N/A furautorole remove [Role]
autorole list N/A furautorole list
autrorole bot N/A furautorole bot [Role]
autorole toggle N/A furautorole toggle <user | bot | all> <on | off>

Leveling System

Command Aliases Usage
level N/A furlevel [@user]
Get the level xp of a user or yourself if none.
levelroles add N/A furlevelroles add [LVL #] [Role]
levelroles remove N/A furlevelroles remove [LVL #]
levelroles list N/A furlevelroles list


Below are commands for managing channels by changing the names or getting current info.

Command Aliases Usage
channel N/A furchannel
List of options avaliable.
channel text N/A furchannel text
List of available options
channel text info N/A furchannel text info [#channel]
channel text edit name N/A furchannel text edit name [#channel] [New Name]
channel text edit topic N/A furchannel text edit topic [#channel] [New Topic]


These are donator only commands

SFW Spam

These commands are SFW. Instead of getting just 1 image from Images SFW, you can spam up to 10! You have to be a donator to use these commands.

Command Aliases Usage
spam N/A furspam
Gives a list of commands under spam. Numbers from 2 - 10!
spam cuddle N/A furspam cuddle [2-10]
spam mur N/A furspam mur [2-10]
spam fox N/A furspam fox [2-10]
spam hug N/A furspam hug [2-10]
spam lick N/A furspam lick [2-10]
spam hold N/A furspam hold [2-10]
spam kiss N/A furspam kiss [2-10]
spam wolves N/A furspam wolves [2-10]
spam nature N/A furspam nature [2-10]
spam pig N/A furspam pig [2-10]
spam snep N/A furspam snep [2-10]
spam bunny N/A furspam bunny [2-10]


These commands are NSFW and require an NSFW channel to be used. Instead of getting just 1 image from Images NSFW, you can spam up to 10! You have to be a donator to use these commands.

Command Aliases Usage
nspam N/A furnspam
Gives a list of commands under nspam. Numbers from 1 - 10!
nspam yiff N/A furnspam yiff [1-10]
nspam gif N/A furnspam gif [1-10]
nspam solo N/A furnspam solo [1-10]
nspam seduce N/A furnspam seduce [1-10]
nspam bang N/A furnspam band [1-10]
nspam bisexual N/A furnspam bisexual [1-10]
nspam dick N/A furnspam dick [1-10]
nspam cuddle N/A furnspam cuddle [1-10]
nspam lick N/A furnspam lick [1-10]
nspam kiss N/A furnspam kiss [1-10]
nspam hug N/A furnspam hug [1-10]
nspam finger N/A furnspam finger [1-10]
nspam femboy N/A furnspam femboy [1-10]
nspam tease N/A furnspam tease [1-10]
nspam pussy N/A furnspam pussy [1-10]
nspam suck N/A furnspam suck [1-10]
nspam bound N/A furnspam bound [1-10]
nspam lesbian N/A furnspam lesbian [1-10]
nspam gay N/A furnspam gay [1-10]

Guild Premium commands

Each month you have subscribed/pledged and paid it fully you will receive a charge. These charges will allow you to Prime a server, making it premium. It is bound to you, if you leave said server, charge will be removed("this currently is not implemented") And can be reimbursed. With this being said: You now have a probably unique perk that you probably will not see in any other bot "Auto Poster" Every 5 minutes globally, it will post a image of the selected endpoint. Visit the Sheri Support server if you want to charge a server and make it premium.

Command Aliases Usage
charges N/A furcharges
Gives info of how many servers you have given premium too.
prime N/A furprime
To enabled prime on the given server.
autoposter N/A furautoposter
A list of all the autoposter commands and their functions.
autoposter set N/A furautopost set [#channel] [endpoint]
Current Supported endpoints are: NSFW Endpoints: yiff, gif, bang, gay, ntease, nseduce, pussy, dick, bisexual, cuntboy, lesbian, finger, nhug, nkiss, nlick, suck, nboop, nbound, nbulge, ngroup, nsolo, nspank, ntrap, nfuta -- SFW Endpoints: mur, snep, bunnies, foxes, wolves, kiss, hug, lick, hold
autosnp N/A furautosnp
List of available commands.
autoposter disable N/A furautoposter disable [#channel]
Disables for the channel.
autoposter enable N/A furautoposter enable [#channel]
Enable for the channel.
autosnp set N/A furautosnp set [#channel] [role]
Sets the channel to be smash or pass auto. Role argument can be empty
autoposter list N/A furautoposter list
autosnp role N/A furautosnp role [#channel] enabled [role]
A toggle for enable/disable. Role can be none.


Commands that are also in Sheri


These commands outside the categories.

Command Aliases Usage
donor N/A furdonor
Returns if you are a donor or not.
away N/A furaway
Set an away message so when people mention you, it gives your AFK. Do it again to remove the away message
donors N/A furdonors
A list of all the donors of Sheri.